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Gary Miliefsky

Stony Lonesome Group- Venture Partner and Cyber & Big Data Advisory Board


Internationally recognized cybersecurity expert, bestselling author and keynote speaker who has been covered in Forbes, Fortune, and Inc. magazines


Bestselling author of 5-star rated Crytoconomy- Bitcoins, Blockchains, and Badguys


Currently Authoring The Art of Cyber War

Cyber Defense Media Group- Founder & Publisher- Sponsor of the Annual Black Unicorn Awards at Black Hat


Founding Member- US Department of Homeland Security, the National Information Security Group and the OVAL advisory board of MITRE


Entrepreneur and founder of technologies and companies with exits or licenses to Intel/McAfee, Computer Associates, Blackbox Corp, Watchguard, and Hexis Cyber


Gary is the proud son of a US Navy veteran who served on the USS Piper, the USS Toro and the

USS Seawolf


University of Massachusetts Lowell, BS Computer Science with a Background in Humanities


HBS Finance for the Technical Executive

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