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Stony Lonesome is an area located near a strategic overlook of one of the highest points on the grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point. It provides an inspiring view of the Academy below and of the historic “S” turn of the Hudson River where the Great Chain was strategically placed during the Revolutionary War.

As a cadet and a four year member of the USMA Marathon Team, SLG’s founder, Sean Drake’s favorite run took him on a trail that started near Lusk Reservoir, up through the Stony Lonesome area, and to the BlackRock Forest trails near Redoubt 4 that offered an inspiring view of the Hudson River and West Point.

Just as the inspiring view from Stony Lonesome provides perspective on the strategic significance of West Point and the Stony Lonesome Gate provides access to the US Military Academy; Stony Lonesome Group provides its investor partners with perspective and access to unique investment opportunities that are making a difference in National Security and Veteran Care.

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