Active management is a key aspect to our Risk Management strategy



Stony Lonesome Group is a boutique Merchant Bank. This structure was purposefully selected because it implies that as a merchant bank, we act as a principal investor and not just as an advisor or an investment banker (broker).  We take risk in all of the deals that we get involved in. One of our primary methods to manage this risk is via active management and being hands on investors with the management teams that we back with our risk capital. 



At Stony Lonesome Group we do not just invest in companies, we partner with people, entrepreneurs looking to make a difference, individuals who can inspire, innovators who can lead and leaders who share our core values of integrity, loyalty, and fairness. As their partner, SLG becomes their most enthusiastic supporter and most constructive critic. We understand that early stage businesses need support in the form of Intellectual, Operating, and Network Capital as much as they need Financial Capital


SLG Deal Teams

Stony Lonesome Group's most valuable resource is our amazing network of advisors and subject matter experts in our sectors of Military, National Security, and Veteran Care. In the Army, there is a saying that an expert Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (12 person A Team) can be as effective, if not more, than a traditional regular line infantry company comprised of 134 personnel. At SLG, we have adopted this specialized approach to each and every deal that we engage in from sourcing, diligencing, and most importantly through the active management and mentoring aspect of working with our portfolio companies. In particular, SLG has very specific expertise in government contracting and our ability to assist new companies with great ideas or technologies in navigating the military/ government procurement process as well as taking cutting edge military concepts and bringing them to a broader commercial market.

We like to refer to our particular brand of investing as Mentor Capital versus Venture Capital to reflect our active management and the coaching of our entrepreneurs.
— Sean Drake, SLG Founder & Managing Partner

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