Providing a path for the intersection between Capitalism and Philanthropy

Mission Focused Investing

The concept of socially responsible investing is well established and provides investors an opportunity to quite simply "make money while doing good". With SLG's focus on making a difference for Military Veterans, we like to refer to our brand of socially responsible investing as Mission Focused Investing and we offer our investors the SLG Triple Bottom Line on their investment capital. 

Risk Management

We believe that in today's world of Venture Capital, there is too much emphasis put on the individual deal and searching for the next unicorn or mega IPO; and not enough emphasis on risk management and risk adjusted returns. In our opinion, the two primary ways to mitigate risk in Venture investing is by diversification and active management. The diversification is achieved by thoughtful portfolio construction that seeks to assemble of portfolio that is diversified not only by sub sectors, but also with respect to stage (Seed, A, B Round) and risk/reward potential. While we are certainly looking for investments with long term over the horizon potential, we like to balance these investments with several more near term opportunities with proven products, real customers, and visibility on revenue.

Sector Focus

  • Veteran Entrepreneurship

  • National Security & Homeland Defense

  • Military Intelligence

  • Cybersecurity & IoT

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Big Data & Data Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Blockchain

  • Military Medicine, Healthcare, & Veteran Care

  • Veterans' Affairs

  • Health, Fitness, & Sports

  • Investment Advisors, Alternative Investments, & Hedge Funds

SLG Triple Bottom Line Investing

Venture Capital Risk Adjusted Return: We are capitalists, not philanthropists!

Veteran Entrepreneurship: Focus on investing in entrepreneurs who are Veterans

Veteran Job Creation: Well capitalized companies that empower Veterans to hire other Veterans

Today’s thoughtful investors want more than just ROI. They want to make a difference. SLG’s approach to Mission Focused investing provides that opportunity. Our objectives are aligned with sustaining American greatness through National Security and Veteran Care investing.
— MG (Ret) James "Spider" Marks, SLG Military Advisory Board