Since 2011, Stony Lonesome Group has invested over $7m across 25+ early stage portfolio companies with a strong focus on backing entrepreneurs who are Military Veterans



Our Mission

Create value for investors while making a difference in National Security & Veteran Care

Firm Overview

Stony Lonesome Group is a boutique merchant bank that makes early stage venture capital investments. By definition, a merchant bank is a principal investor and not just an advisor or an investment banker. Our value proposition is that we provide individual investors and small family offices access to unique early stage companies that we originate and lead and allow them to invest their capital alongside sophisticated sector specific institutional investors.  

Stony Lonesome Group is a generalist, but tends to favor investments in areas like National Security, Homeland Defense, Military/Defense, and Veteran Care. We will invest across the capital structure to include equity, debt, and short-term credit financings. Our typical investment ranges from $100,000 to $1mm and we will syndicate larger deals in the $1mm to $10mm range. 

We are hands on investors who leverage our vast network of operating partners and venture partners to help us source, diligence, and monitor our portfolio companies. We tend to take “execution risk” and avoid “technology risk”. Finally, at the end of the day, we are looking to back strong management teams and provide them with the capital and mentorship to help them reach their potential. A strong investment theme is Veteran Entrepreneurship, backing entrepreneurs and management teams with military service backgrounds.


Significant Milestones

Investments of $7m across 25+ portfolio companies

90% of investments have backed entrepreneurs or management teams comprised of Military Veterans

SLG portfolio companies have created 250+ jobs for Veterans and their spouses

World Class Military and Sector Specific Advisory Boards

3 SLG entrepreneurs named to the 2016 INC. Magazine Top 20 Military Veteran Tech Entrepreneurs

1 SLG portfolio company named to the 2016 Forbes Magazine Top 25 Veteran Lead Companies

1 SLG entrepreneur team named 2018 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year- Mid Atlantic Region

2 SLG entrepreneur teams named Washington DC Tech Titans 2018- & Upskill


SLG does not back entrepreneurs who are military veterans because we think it’s the charitable thing to do, or even the right thing to do; we back them because we believe that military veterans possess the drive, ability to operate under pressure, determination to complete the mission, and integrity to succeed in the challenging start up eco-system.
— Sean Drake, Founder & Managing Partner

Fund I

Stony Lonesome Capital LP

Vintage: 2014

Assets Closed: $1,000,000

Status: Closed & Fully Invested

Stage: Seed, A Round

Sector: Veteran Entrepreneurship

SLG Military Advisory Board & Venture Partners

Fund II

Stony Lonesome Capital II LP

Vintage: 2016

Target Assets: $5,000,000

Status: 1st Close & Actively Investing

Stage: Seed, A Round, B Round

Sector: Military Medicine, Healthcare, & Veteran Care

SLG Medical Advisory Board & General Partners


Fund III

Stony Lonesome Capital III LP

Vintage: 2017

Target Assets: $10,000,000

Status: Actively Investing

Stage: Seed, A Round, B Round

Sector: Cybersecurity & Big Data

SLG Cyber Advisory Board & General Partners